Servisa ICT uses the courier services of DPD Lietuva and Venipak for the transportation of goods. For customers who have registered the device for repair, we can order a courier service for delivery of the device to the service center for repair and delivery of the goods to the customer after service. The Sender is responsible for the safe preparation of the shipment. In the event of a breach due to unsafe packaging, Servisa ICT accepts no liability.

Requirements for safe packaging:
- Appropriate packaging must make it impossible to access or damage the item or valuables inside the package. The packaging must also protect the environment against any hazards caused by its content or package.
- Goods and valuables must be packaged in the way that does not cause danger to the Carrier’s courier, third parties, vehicles, other packages in the vehicle, and the environment.
-The packaging must protect items inside from any damage when the package is being tumbled, shaken, pushed or dropped from the height of over 1 metre and must be able to withstand ambient temperature of up to - 25°C and + 40°C.
-No special marking such as ‘Do not tumble’, ‘Fragile’, etc. shall be attached, because they are ignored during transportation, sorting or transhipment processes.
-Packaging must make it impossible to access the content of a package without damaging the package itself (tearing the box, etc.).
-Shrink wrap, a polyethylene bag, a paper bag or a cloth are not suitable for packaging.
-Corrugated cardboard, plastic, metal or wooden box, plastic or metal utensils for liquid are suitable for packaging.
-Goods or valuables in excess of 30 kg must be packed on a pallet or in such container that would allow using standard mechanical loading devices (electrical fork lift or hydraulic manual fork lift) for loading/unloading.
-The content of the package must be protected by filling the package with packing material, e.g. polystyrene foam, polystyrene granules. They will prevent the content of the package from movement.
-Packages will be placed on top of each other during transportation, so their sides must be rigid to withstand the static load without collapsing.
-All packages must be taped with adhesive tape (if this is required).
-Poor packaging may damage surrounding items and consignments, therefore please place any greasy or strong-smelling substances into a leakproof plastic bag and only then place it into outer packaging or a box.
-Documents must be packaged in the designated packages.
-Documents must be additionally packaged into a plastic bag to protect them against water or other liquids, and only then placed in an envelope.
-When sending items and gifts with sharp edges, make sure that the items are adequately protected. Corrugated cardboard is particularly suitable for such items.
-When sending fragile items, it is recommended to use cardboard or other separators.
-Make sure the packaging of the consignment does not contain unnecessary notes.
-Make sure the labels with the sender's and the recipient's addresses and contact information are attached.
-If packaging is inappropriate, the Carrier shall not be liable for safe carriage of the consignment, shall not compensate any losses incurred by the Customer, and may make claims against the -- Customer regarding the damage incurred by the Carrier or other parties.

The free courier service is valid for the following product groups:
- APPLE - all devices.
- ASUS - laptops, tablets, desktops, monitors;
- BROTHER - printers, multifunction devices;
- CATA - home appliances;
- DELL - desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, and more;
- ECOVACS - all equipment.
- EPSON - printers, multifunctions, projectors.
- LENOVO - laptops, tablets, desktops (except Think series);
- LEXMARK - printers, multifunction devices;
- LG - TVs, monitors (sold until 2013);
- MANTA - all devices;
- MSI - desktops, laptops, tablets;
- PRIME3 - all devices;
- SHARP - televisions, audio;

The customer must deliver the equipment, the warranty service of which is performed by Servisa ICT as an ACC Distribution service partner, to the service center at its own expense. Information on warranty conditions can be found on the Supplier - ACC Disribution - website.

In all cases of non-warranty service, the courier service will be paid. One-way transportation prices:
- Notebook, desktop computer: 4.5 €
- Telephone, tablet, Small appliances: 4 €
- Printer, TV, projector up to 10 kg: 6 €
- Printer, TV, projector over 10 kg: 8 €