The following are the general terms and conditions of the warranty service. To avoid misunderstandings, please read the user manual of the available device, the warranty obligations and the terms of free service in the warranty card carefully.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase by the end user *, the warranty is valid if it is established that the defect occurred during the manufacturing process. See the warranty card and / or user manual for the warranty period applicable to your product. If the warranty provided by the manufacturer is shorter than the warranty provided by the manufacturer, the Seller is responsible for providing the warranty for the remaining time.
* Unless otherwise provided by the supplier.

The warranty is valid only in the countries listed on the warranty card and/or on the manufacturer's official website.

The warranty is void if:
- damaged serial number sticker,
- there is mechanical damage to the equipment,
- the fault is due to the fault of the user or improper operating conditions (humidity, heat, etc.),
- the failure occurred with consumables not recommended by the manufacturer,
- The failure is due to a software failure.

The warranty does not apply to:
- consumables,
- the information contained in storage media (hard disks, Flash memory cards, etc.), software failures.

There may be a charge for diagnostics and transportation (if these services are provided) in the following cases:
- Fault due to user fault and customer refused paid repair.
- Fault not confirmed **.
- Malfunction due to messy / non-genuine OS **.
- The customer refuses the warranty service and requests only the inspection report of the device ***.
** excluding ASUS warranty devices (laptops, desktops, tablets and monitors).
*** Except for Asus when no customer fault has been identified.

When picking up the product, it is necessary to check whether the complete set of the device brought for service is returned and whether the condition of the device is not worse than before. Due to the equipment and condition of the device (external), no claims are accepted later.

The goods are handed over with a deed of transfer or identity document.

If the customer does not collect the goods after repair after 3 months.UAB Servisa ICT has the right to stop storing the product from the date of preparation.

For warranty repaired or replaced equipment and components, the warranty conditions are valid for the remaining time.

If necessary (changing the internal media of the device, overwriting the operating system, compensating the device), the data on your device may be transferred to new internal media of the device or to external media provided by you under the terms of the Privacy Policy. In the standard case, the price of the service is 40 Eur with VAT. In exceptional, complex cases, the price may vary and be negotiated separately with the customer.

In the event of any of these circumstances (changing the internal media of the device, overwriting the operating system, compensating the device) and the customer does not agree to the data transfer, the device will be returned without warranty / post-service.

Failure to technically transfer data from the device may result in erasure or loss of warranty service in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures.

Diagnostic prices (with VAT), If the service was perforrmed by Servisa ICT:
Computer - 29Eur
Phones / tablets - 23Eur
TV - 42Eur
Robot vacuum cleaner - 31Eur
Small household appliances - 29Eur
Large household appliances - 42Eur
Scooters - 29Eur
Consumer printers - 29Eur
Industrial printers - 39Eur

Price of repair works * (with VAT):
Computer repair from 31Eur
Phone/tablet repair from 31Eur
Repair of robot pumps from 43Eur
Repair of small household appliances from 31Eur
Repair of large household appliances from 43Eur
TV repair from 49Eur
Scooter repair from 39Eur
Repair of household printers from 38Eur
Repair of industrial printers from 44Eur
* The final price will depend on the complexity of the components to be replaced.